I enrolled in the Master of Business (Advanced) program exchanged to CBS in Denmark in my third semester. The reason why I choose CBS is not only for its high reputation in business field but also for my strong motivation to see European countries, European culture and European architectures. The architecture there is fabulous; although Copenhagen is not a big place, there still have many places to go for visit. The Danish culture is quite different from Australian culture. Copenhagen is a bicycle kingdom, nearly every Dane has a bike. Private cars are not encouraged due to the pollution issue and most of cars in Copenhagen are mini size. People rely on bike and public transport instead of auto mobiles. Danes love drinking beer and alcohol can be purchased in every super market. The Danish food is great, tasty and healthy. Danes love bread and Danish bread is famous all over the world. I strongly recommend you to try a Danish black wheat bread as it is so special and traditional, very healthy and nutritious. If you decide to stay in Denmark more than one semester, you should consider about learning Danish as Danes speak Danish, write Danish and proud of Danish. Most of the public signs are written in Danish, sometimes it made me confused but language is not a big problem cause most of Danes speak English very well. Danish people are really friendly and warm-hearted. In terms of safety issue, for me, Copenhagen is a nice capital and made me feel safe to live there. Well, the weather in Copenhagen is not like sunny Brisbane, extremely cold, wet and cloudy in winter, warm in summer but warm weather won’t last more than 2 months. It is a wonderful journey and I will never regret to go for exchange and study at CBS.

I have selected four courses in CBS in terms of a entry level finance course, an entrepreneurial course, a supply chain management course and an international business course. Unlike UQ, you can choose any course within any program. You have more choices and fluctuation to study anything you are interested in. Courses in CBS are more practical and realistic. Classes are discussion based and the size of most classes is much smaller than UQ, usually just including 10-20 students. The exam form is new to me. Most of course assessments are oral exam or home assignment. Oral exam is like a 10-20 mins chat between you and the examiner regarding to your project for the course. It is not that difficult to get a high mark but you have to prepare really well before the exam as you have no idea what kind of questions the examiner might ask. I have to say, compared with UQ, the size of CBS campus is so small and limited. In another words, if you really want a seat in CBS’s library, get up early and be there before 10 o’ clock.

I lived in a student apartment off campus called Dalslandsgade in Amagerbro, very convenient, only 4-5 stops far from CBS by metro, near Amagerbro shopping centre, many stores, super market for food, really nice environment for living and study and great facilities for fitness and entertainment (The rent is around 4000DKK per month). Besides housing rent, you have to pay a lot of money for public transportation or you can just buy a second hand bike to save more money (transportation cost is approximately 400DKK per month).

  • Learn some Danish if you can. Hi = Hello, Hihi=Goodbye.
  • Go out when you have spare time, especially the north of Copenhagen.
  • Go to the museum in Copenhagen on Tuesday or Wednesday, it is free.
  • www.momondo.com for cheap flight ticket if you plan to travel around Europe.
  • Definitely travel around Europe!!

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