UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts

Montreal is a city so beautiful that even though it’s sometimes below -30 in winter, nearly every dog seems to have its tail docked, and everyone smokes, I still managed to fall in love with it. There’s something enchanting about fresh snow and icicles and the way they catch the sunlight that makes it okay that its cold. I adapted to the lifestyle pretty quickly: “Bonjour-hi”, bagels for breakfast (Fairmount or St Viateur – don’t settle for less!), poutine after hours, Juliet et Chocolat when it was just too cold to do anything other than eat brownies.Vinegar will get the salt off your boots, keep tissues in all your pockets, and don’t get a phone with Koodo.

The average workload at McGill seems like a lot, but then the average grade is around 80%. It’s a beautiful campus, and when it’s covered in snow it kind of looks like a castle from a fairytale, with Mont Royal looming in the background and statues and turrets all about the place. The weather starts to get nice towards the end of April – the snow melts and you discover all these things you never knew were there before, beneath all the snow (like James McGill’s tomb by the Arts building) and all the cafes open their terraces and you can sit in the sun drinking cider, warm for a change. My only regret is that I am leaving too soon. Spring is here, and Montreal is becoming beautiful in an entirely new way; I’m sorry to miss it.  If you come here, make sure you’re not leaving until a few weeks after term ends.

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