Bachelors of Commerce/Economics, 4th Year
Bachelors of Commerce/Economics, 4th Year

Academic Experiences

At the University of Hong Kong, I mostly studied ECON courses specialising in international trade and economic development. The lecturers and tutors are really helpful in providing good content and feedback to students. One of the downsides to HKU is the lack of online content and recorded lectures. Going to every lecture was a must in order to keep up to date with classes (unless you made a friend who could take notes for you!). 

Personal Experiences

The biggest benefit of studying abroad is making new friends from all around the world. I have no doubt that the people I became close with at HKU will be lifelong friends who I can rely on for support and exciting new experiences in the future.

Studying abroad has also made me more aware of my own Australian identity. I was constantly exchanging stories from Australia with locals who would also share their stories of growing up in Hong Kong. Listening to the locals and sharing my own personal experiences helped fully appreciate living in Hong Kong. 


I was fortunate enough to be offered a position at Shun Hing College as a part of the Jockey Club 3 operated by the University of Hong Kong. I was fortunate because many of the other Australian students were not offered any accommodation through HKU at all. I would recommend that UQ students submit their application for housing quickly as there will be a large queue of people waiting for university provided accommodation. Living outside of college is possible but it is much more expensive than staying at a university college.

I would also recommend UQ students stay at one of the Jockey Club 3 student colleges (Shun Hing, Lap Chee, Chi Sun or New College). Their staff are incredibly friendly and they have lots of activities for meeting new friends and learning more about the local culture. One of the most nerve-racking experiences during my exchange was organising accommodation but my time at Shun Hing college will be something I never forget.


Overall, I spent approximately AUD$6000 - $7000 during my one semester at HKU (including accommodation and food). A large proportion of that money went to going out to dinner with friends. I would recommend that UQ students budget for about the same if they plan on spending one semester at HKU. Additionally, travelling anywhere in Asia is cheap so you do not need a huge budget for the mid semester break.

Academic Development and Employability

I wanted to push myself during my study abroad by going to a completely new country where I had no friends or family. It was challenging during the first month making new friends and adjusting to my new university but as the semester progressed, I became more and more comfortable in the city and the people that I had become friends with.

My study abroad experience has shown me that I can quickly adjust to new environments and succeed. This is experience has given me the confidence that I will succeed when entering a new workforce as a graduate.


The highlight of my study abroad was the incredible friends that I made. I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I am to have made such great friends in Hong Kong. Most of my best memories at HKU would be with them at a high table dinner or relaxing together after a long day of classes. I would recommend study abroad to anyone just for the fantastic people you meet during the experience. 

Top Tips

I would recommend UQ students arrange their courses with HKU as soon as they possibly can. Course selection at HKU is completed on a first-come, first-serve basis so failure to enrol early will lead to the course filling up. If you can't get into the course you wanted because it full, send emails to your HKU faculty. You will probably get the courses you want but it will be frustrating having to send so many emails to enrol in a single course. 


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