B. Arts/Social Sciences
B. Arts/Social Sciences

Mexico City, or Cuidad de Mexico was an amazing city and exchange choice. Before going to Mexico, I had no Spanish skills, which, while challenging, made for some interesting interactions throughout my day.

Studying Politics in both a rising economic power with a unique political history and problems that plague its governance was one of the most eye opening experiences I could have had in my time at UQ. In Australia, we are often blind to the comings and going of some of our biggest trading partners, but while I was there, I was able to experience it all first hand.

In my time at Tec de Monterrey, I aimed to go beyond my coursework, and approached professors in order to develop my research skills. I became very close with the Department of Global Studies, and was appointed as research staff to a number of professors. I would advise anybody who wishes to go beyond the scope of coursework to go to Tec de Monterrey, as the facilities and staff there are the perfect launching pad, which you may not find in a more bureaucratic school.

Without sugar coating, Mexico City can be a dangerous place. I initially lived in a host family, which gave me greater secuirty and cultural immersion, but often at the cost of independance and freedom. I then later moved to an apartment near the university. Everybody in the International Program, the other foreigners and Mexican assistants are incredibly warm and welcoming.

In terms of advice to future students, I would highly reccommend going with a level of spanish fluency. It is incredibly important to hit the ground running, and you will often find most street vendors will not speak a word of English. Also, plan to travel as much as possible, as you will want to get out of the city regularly and explore the beautiful countryside.

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