When I arrived in Copenhagen in late January, it was dark, raining and freezing. By the time I left, the sun was shining, the flowers had bloomed and the people were happy. This change in season very much mirrored the attitude of the city and particularly my own experience on exchange.

Initially it was difficult for me to adjust to a new life away form my family and friends. I hadn’t learnt any of the Danish language beforehand. Going to the supermarket was not as straightforward as you would imagine and I certainly wasn’t used to being unable to eavesdrop on the people around me. But slowly and surely I figured out the ways of life in Copenhagen and adjusted to the unfamiliar setting around me.

I studied at Copenhagen Business School. Most of my fellow students were also international students from all the continents. The courses ran in either halves of the semester. There were 100% finals, and plenty of reading to do. However, there was also plenty of time to do your own thing. The Danes have a very interactive way of learning and often have discussions with the lecturer in the middle of class.

I lived at an international residence on campus. It was nice to be surrounded by lots of people in the same position as me, although, it took some extra effort to meeting the Danes. Luckily, they are very friendly people and always up for a chat. Everyone speaks almost perfect English too, so it’s okay to use what you know rather than trying to get your tongue around words like “stegt flasek” (which you should definitely try!) and the letter “Ø”. The Danes also are very proud of their nationality and celebrate all kinds of national events with fanfare. One night we walked to our 7/11, only to witness a massive fireworks display out of nowhere to celebrate the win of a football match. Talk about extravagant!

Going on exchange was a remarkable adventure and I certainly met some amazing people. I gained a great deal of appreciation and learned a lot about other cultures and attitudes. I think anyone who undertakes an abroad semester will discover a great deal about themselves and others. Above all, they will have a fabulous time!

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