UQ Program: Bachelor of Economics

I am a 2nd year economics student and decided to study at the University of British Columbia after visiting Vancouver a few times.

The weather there is almost always raining, and while it does not storm or rain heavily, it is certainly always cloudy with a light drizzle, so waterproof shoes or a tolerance for wet feet are essential. 

That said, being in a place with all four seasons is amazing.  The green of summer gives way to bright yellow and red of autumn which is then replaced by white and grey of winter.  Skiing is right there in the city with Grouse Mountain and Seattle is only a few hours bus ride away. 

UBC is a larger campus than UQ but felt familiar.  Classes are more relaxed and informal than UQ.  Having to do 5 courses, I picked the ones that felt most interesting to me.  However, these quickly turned into very reading intensive studies, so I would advise choosing courses that are easier so you have more time to experience beautiful British Columbia.  There is a native language course and a wine tasting one, which would be great if you can score credit for it! 

I took both of the development economics courses there (4th year courses :/) and was surprised with the amount of work but also the amount I learned in those courses.  That said, it was a great experience to have, seeing how another country’s education system works and meeting people from all over the world.  Make sure to visit Splitz Grill for some fantastic burgers & Bella Gelatisimo for some amazing gelati!

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