UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts

I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology. I decided to go on an exchange to mix things up a little and add a bit of adventure to my degree. I had a bumpy start to my journey with a few problems with my enrolment, but once everything was sorted I started on an adventure that I’ll remember forever. New Zealand is a beautiful country where you are never more than twenty minutes from a beach and are constantly surrounded by beautiful scenery. When I left home I was worried that I would be very home sick and feel uncomfortable and lonely in my new environment. But what I found was just the opposite. After the first week I had already begun to forge new friendships and with so many friendly people and such beautiful surroundings New Zealand quickly became my home away from home. All in all my experience has been amazing and I will leave you with a few top tips to help kick start yours J 1) there are a few amazing coffee places on campus, try them out and find a favourite, New Zealand days can be cold and there is nothing like a hot beverage to help you through a freezing day! 2) the campus is spread out across the city so be sure to look for your classes before the first day as it can be confusing on your first day, and 3) get out there and talk to people and get involved, everyone is super friendly and ready to help you have a great time!

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