I am a 4th year, Bachelor of Arts/Law student majoring in German and International Relations. On exchange in second semester 2012 in Munich I studied both German and International Relations subjects. The great thing about studying in Germany, from an international relations perspective, is the understanding and emphasis that is placed on the European Union (EU). It was really interesting to be taught about the EU through a European perspective. Similarly, studying German in Germany was great because I was surrounded by German everyday! There was also a huge range of courses I could take, particularly in German literature, which aren’t offered at UQ. My German has improved dramatically after living there for six months and I would encourage anyone who is learning a language to do an exchange as it really helps to improve language skills.

I lived in the Olympic Village in Munich in a bungalow. It was great to live by myself and be independent and I was also really lucky to even get accommodation as trying to find private accommodation is an absolute nightmare! The Olympic Village was full of students, which meant it was really social and there were always people around.

I made some great friendships in Munich. It was hard leaving after only one semester though, because all of the Erasmus exchange students were staying for a year. So I guess I’ll just have to go back and visit!

Munich is one of the most expensive cities in Germany. Compared to the cost of living in Australia though, it is quite cheap. The cost of transport each month was around 40 Euros. Accommodation is also between 280 – 350 Euros a month. An average meal with drinks however, would generally be under 15 Euros. Museum and art galleries are generally free on Sundays for students, which makes Sunday the day for cultural outings!

5 Top Tips

  • Weißwurst Frühstück at the Weißes Brauhaus
  • Ice cream at “Der Verrückter Eismacher”
  • Have a beer in a Biergarten in Summer
  • Always buy a train ticket as they inspect regularly!
  • Prepare yourself for the fact that Germany doesn’t do nice coffee

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