I did a semester at UCD and loved it! I was there for Dublin’s 1st semester of 2012 completing my 2nd semester of my second year of BSc. Doing my exchange at UCD was the best experience I have had. I spent 2 months before traveling Europe in summer, made friends throughout the semester and saw what Ireland had to offer and then continued my travels for another month before coming home.

UCD is an awesome place for exchange because the people are fun and friendly, the courses weren’t as difficult (I found this and from what I could gather from other students studying in different areas they generally agreed) and the whole place just has a great student vibe. I stayed in Glenomena, which I think is the best place as it has both international and Irish students living there and you have your own bathroom/ensuit. It is also closest to the on campus shop. I made friends with people living off campus in the city and I think I doesn’t really matter which you choose as its quite easy to get to UCD. I had great experiences making friends with people in college but my friends in town got to know the city of Dublin a lot better.

I highly recommend you join the Erasmus student network (ESN) and international student society (ISS) as they provide a lot of activities, meet and greets and weekend trips to amazing locations around Ireland and sometimes even the UK. I went on both the Galway and Belfast trips and absolutely had an amazing time. Most of the friends you will make in these societies will be other international, mostly European students so if you want to make irish friends you should join sporting teams and other societies such as lawsoc. You can join their new gym for free! Which is really awesome and they provide a lot of sporting teams, clubs and all sorts of societies to join so you can meet people.

Living expenses are quite reasonable; I found that I could order food online at tesco and have it delivered. I’d normally spend around 80 euro a fortnight. This is the best thing to do I believe because the grocery stores are not that close to campus. When you first arrive they organize trips for you to ikea to get supplies for your apartment. I’d recommend you look at pennys living and other stores in the city because they are generally cheaper. Also if you wait for your Irish roommates to arrive they will probably bring all the kitchen supplies you will need.


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