During my stay in Copenhagen, my favorite courses were Financial models in Excel and Global stock market, where I got to enhance my knowledge regarding the issues surrounding the financial world. The lectures were mostly done once a week with the duration lasting up to 4 or 5 hours per lecture. The classes are conducted in a different way compared to UQ where interaction and discussion between students and lecturer are the main component of learning, creating a vibrant and conducive environment.

My best experience is definitely getting to know people from around the world and forging great friendship with one another. Besides, they don’t call the Danes the happiest people in the world for nothing. The people are very warm and inviting. The peaceful lifestyle in Denmark will be missed the most once I return to Brisbane. Studying in Copenhagen also enables me to travel around Europe that is full with interesting and rich history while also personally experiencing the local cultures.

In terms of expenses, I actually find that the prices of goods are quite similar in both Copenhagen and Australia. Housing is definitely the main factor for higher expense but I do recommend looking for accommodation offered by the university in the Frederiksberg region because it is near to the university and public transports are just around the corner to ferry you around the city.

Top Tips:

  • Get a bike. There are bicycle lanes available for cyclist and it is very safe and convenient to travel around just by cycling.
  • Monthly pass for public transport. It costs around 120aud for a 2 zones monthly pass and you can take the bus and metro unlimitedly. But remember to have your pass with you at all time because there are officers who will check and fine the passengers without a pass.
  • They offer free Danish lessons for beginners during the semester. The Danes can speak perfect English so language won’t be a barrier to meet new Danish friends.


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