UQ program: Bachelor of Arts

Me at the top of Mont-Royal, overlooking the cityAll I knew was that I wanted to go on exchange: the choice of Montreal and McGill University was totally impulsive. I deliberately went there knowing as little about the city as possible, and my experience was all the better for it.

Studying at McGill was certainly an experience: they take their academics seriously (though not too seriously... if you visit the gift shop you’ll see the “Harvard: America’s McGill” t-shirts proudly on display). The professors are all, naturally, experts in their respective fields, but more importantly, they’re enthusiastic about passing on their vast reserves of knowledge.
McGill is a great university, but Montreal is an amazing city. Over the all-too-brief five months I spent there, I slowly fell in love with the city. I was lucky enough to be living in a private off-campus residence, with eighteen other students, both domestic and international (11 countries were represented in our house... I counted) from McGill, Concordia University and the Université de Montréal.  The friendships I made with my housemates made the study much more bearable, and also made exploring the city’s incredible nightlife all the more fun.

Me and some of my cosmopolitan housemates at Montreal’s Old PortMy tip for anyone planning to go on exchange to McGill is... don’t listen to anyone’s tips! Why plan your exchange according to what someone else thinks is fun? Montreal is a city that has so many things to do and so much to offer, and it’s a city best experienced totally spontaneously. If you’re able to do that, you’ll have at least half the fun I had this year.


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