Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science

 I undertook 5 subjects to fulfil the needed 30 ETCS for UCD. I enjoyed the subjects that were to do with geography, as this is my major. However, I was offered different subjects within the realm of geography and I jumped at the chance to take them. I also took 'Discovering Ireland' which was a great opportunity to actually physically see Ireland: if it's the green hills and fields you would like to see, then this subject is a great way to get involved with the landscape and history.

I travelled immensely - overseas and around Ireland. The friends that I made were from my housing, the trips I went on and my classes! I think it's really important to try to involve yourself in a sport (I played netball) or a society, where you can meet people and interact. Whilst I could not do everything I wanted, I took every opportunity to be out and about! Which is what made my experience the best 6 months ever!
I lived on campus - In Glenomena with five other room mates! I enjoyed that we were a close-knit building and it ended up feeling like a community. In our apartment, each person had their own room and bathroom which was very nice; we shared a living and kitchen space which is where everyone mostly interacted.

Dublin Ireland
Glenomena accommodation is more expensive, and there are other options, but you will pay a couple of thousand euros for on-campus accommodation for a semester. Dublin is a fairly reasonable priced country, but mostly I spent my money on travel! Transport (travelling) within Europe is relatively cheap, but it is a good idea to set a budget.
I conversed with lecturers and networked whilst I was away, this experience has shown me what it would be like if I were to work away from home. It has also allowed me to experience a different side of geography altogether.
A single highlight is so hard to define! Even the smallest moments and the people you meet are highlights. Opening your door to a friend who has brought you something when you've had a terrible day (because they too exist on exchange). Seeing the Cliffs of Moher and wondering how a place of such exquisite beauty can exist. The experience of exchange didn't have single highlights, to me, it was the highlight.
Advice: Look into your subjects early. Make sure you fully understand what you are embarking on and know that it is an exchange, you are studying, but that is not meant to mean you can't have fun. I accepted everything that came my way.

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