Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Business Management

Studying in Mannheim has become the greatest experience in my university career and I have gained so much culture and perspective whilst abroad in this busy city.

The University of Mannheim’s exchange program is fantastic and very well organised. I arrived one month before classes began to take part in the Summer Academy program which involved learning German, meeting lots of different people and also taking part in extra activities and excursions. The VISUM organisation that organised the Summer Academy were extremely friendly and prepared in welcoming the international students to the city of Mannheim. The Summer Academy is an excellent way to meet students from all around the world and a great experience to help you settle into life in Mannheim. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is going on exchange to Mannheim.

After the Summer Academy had finished I felt more at home in Mannheim and had created some unbelievable memories with friends.

As a second year business management student I was able to choose a range of subjects from the Business Administration and Economics area. I would recommend against taking high level economics courses unless you are specializing or pursuing and economics degree as Mannheim is well known for Economics. I was unaware of just how challenging it would be and chose one advanced economics class which wasn’t the greatest idea.

The grading and assessment system is very different in Mannheim compared to UQ. Many of my subjects consisted of 100% exams which I am not used to and this made it a lot harder to time manage and study for. There is such a wide range of material that could be tested on the exams and you are advised to learn all material in preparation.

I joined the university soccer team and indoor soccer team for a few weeks which was a great extra curricular activity and it gave me the opportunity to meet some German students and improve my language. I definitely recommend joining one of the university sports teams as it is a great way to meet new people.

In drindl

Although my German was at a beginner’s level it wasn’t a worry at all, as many of the German students were highly proficient in English and were very welcoming and understanding towards the exchange students. You can survive having little or no German knowledge however I believe it’s much more comforting if you happen to learn some.

When it comes to travelling around Europe and especially Germany, Mannheim is centrally located. With its various transport modes available including amazing rail and buses system, it gave me the opportunity to experience some other great destinations Germany has to offer. One of my greatest memories was travelling with a group of friends to Konstanz. It was just after summer academy so the weather was beautiful and certainly warm enough for swimming.

With friends at the sea

I also took some weekend trips to other countries in Europe with cheap airfares from budget airlines. I visited London, Salzburg and Barcelona on small weekend trips.

I had an amazing and highly memorable experience on my exchange in Mannheim and would definitely recommend the experience to anyone. The memories I created and experiences I shared with other exchange students will last a life time. I have furthered my understanding about the culture, people and language of Germany and look forward to returning in the future.

Top Tips:

  • Try and find a residence in Haffenstrasse, B7 or private accommodation in the quadrat. Although Ulmenweg was good from the point of view lots of exchange students live there, it is a bit far from the university and city centre.
  • Make the most of all opportunities including travelling, extra curricular activities and university events.
  • Take part in the summer or winter academy along with the VISUM buddy program.
  • Compared to Australia, accommodation in Mannheim is rather cheap. It will cost between 250-350 euros per month.

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