Bachelor of Arts/Communication
Bachelor of Arts/Communication

Academic experiences


I took 4 courses at Sciences Po and each was fantastic! Two courses concerned the history of French Civilisation where I learned about parts of history that I'd never before come across. I also took a philosophy course that addressed our conceptions of age - this course was where my French skills were most challenged. I was in a class of around 80 students with only 5 exchange students. Needless to say my French language skills improved most through this class. Finally, and most wonderfully, I took an Art history class that was taught in a thematic way, starting with the modernist period and spanning right up to today's artistic practice. In this class I think I wrote the best essay of my life. All my classes were in French which was challenging at the start, but I soon progressed and became much more confident and proficient.


Personal experiences

What did you gain from the exchange? 

A) Friendships
B) Places explored
C) Languages learnt
D) Personal skills developed
E) All of the above

Answer: E. All of the above.


I lived in a flat share with a French girl who became a very great friend and a very great French tutor! We had 2 cats, Souricette et Doucette. We lived in prime position in the 10th arrondissement, close to the canal and Republique.

Don't be afraid to live with a native speaker, it helps your language skills so much!


Everything in Paris is very expensive. There are ways to live cheaply and it takes a bit of know-how before you feel comfortable with what is a reasonably priced coffee. Make French friends, they know all the secrets.

I budgeted AUD 15, 000 which included 4 months total of travel around my semester dates.

Academic development and employability


I worked part-time at an art gallery in Paris which has most definitely contributed to my career aspirations! It was surprisingly simple to find a part time job in Paris and I definitely recommend it to others. To have international experience on your CV is a definite advantage.



The beautiful thing about living abroad and not just travelling abroad, is that it's the small everyday things that make such a beautiful memory. There was no one moment with fireworks and champagne (well, actually Bastille day was like that), rather everyday had moments of great happiness and beauty which were made better by the fact that I was not just visiting Paris, but was living there.

Top tips


Don't be afraid to give languages your all, try not to hold back. Try and find the local scene in whatever city you're in because that's how you get a true sense of a place.

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