Bachelor of Business Management and Commerce
Bachelor of Business Management and Commerce

One of my best decisions I have made in my life was going on exchange to University College Dublin. I had an experience of a lifetime and would love to go back as soon as possible.

I went to UCD in semester two 2013, in my 3rd year studying a Bachelor of Business Management and Commerce. Due to having no electives left, I had to rely on my Accounting, Finance and E-business majors. Unfortunately I would have risked my CA eligibility if I studied accounting in Dublin, so finding courses equivalent to my finance and e-business majors were initially hard. Fortunately once I was over there, Esther Sanz (UCD Quinn School Advisor) helped me find courses that were suitable. This was mainly because UQ and UCD are a part of U21 partnership, so I was able to study another degree there, that is Information Technology in order to get credit for my e-business major.

The courses I studied over there were Green Venture Finance, International Financial Management, European Industrial Relations and HR, Supply Chain Management, Weaving the Web and E-business solutions. All these courses were interesting, manageable and gave you a different perspective to thinking and problem solving compared to UQ. Although European Industrial Relations and HR did have a lot of assignment work involved which was not ideal for travelling, however it presented the opportunity to travel to Belgium to visit and learn about the European Union’s parliament, trade union house and other social partners. I found this trip and course very rewarding.

I stayed at Glenomena residence which is on campus. I was in an apartment with 5 others; however I had my own bedroom and bathroom. It was also self-catered. I really enjoyed staying on campus; I was able to meet many international and Irish students. There were many dinners and house parties, but also time to relax. Additionally, I became really close friends with my other 5 house mates and they soon become your other family. Finally, after 11pm, security restricts access to non-residents, so make sure you have your student card on you.

Dublin is an amazing city. The people are friendly and you feel like you are home. If you like hot drinks, everywhere in Dublin make the best hot chocolate, so get onto that. Some other tips I would recommend are:

  • Do your gym induction ASAP, so you can start using the gym straight away. It’s free and worth it.
  • Join ESN and ISS. They do weekend trips away to different counties in Ireland. I would recommend on definitely doing the Belfast and Cork trip. Also get to know Kenny and Hollie from ESN – they are awesome.
  • Get involved in sport. I played softball over there and it was so much fun. We had tournaments, trips away and nights out. It is a great way to meet people and have fun – even if you are a beginner.
  • Ryanair has cheap flights! Don’t forget to print out your boarding pass prior to check in.
  • Aircoach is a great way to get to UCD and the airport.
  • Tesco (grocery store) has home delivery.
  • Go out! Dublin has a fantastic nightlife.

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