My name is Larni Fyffe and I’m about to commence my third year in the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences. Completing a semester abroad at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada was the best thing I’ve ever done! It was great experiencing a different university and seeing how students in Canada approach their studies. A full time load over there was 5 subjects which meant I had a slightly heavier workload however without some of the commitments I would normally have at home I was able to successfully pass all subjects with flying colours.

I made lifelong friends on exchange mostly with Canadians (rather than other exchange students) as they loved Australians and frequently showed us what the locals like to do. I was great living in university accommodation as most people just wanted to have a good time and it was a great way to meet new people. I managed to travel quite a bit before, during and after my exchange which allowed me to visit 11 Canadian cities.

Although studying abroad is a lot of fun it is very costly! I had the I’m-on-exchange-so-I’m-going-to-experience-everything attitude which meant I rarely turned down an event or activity regardless of price. Having this attitude helps make friends as you are able to join in and participate with whatever is happening but it also means that your budget could take a hit (mine certainly did!). Make sure you have enough money for you to enjoy yourself and not just survive while you are away.

A website called “kijiji” is a little bit like our Trading Post or Gumtree and it’s rather cheap. I bought a bike off that site within the first few days of being in Saskatoon and rode to uni, the supermarket and through the city. It was really easy to use and I’m so glad a friend told me about it. Saskatoon is small but it definitely has some really cool spots. Ask locals about the ‘beach’ (a sandbank by the river) if you are there during warmer months or head to a hill and toboggan down in winter. For those who love snow Saskatoon is awesome! It snowed in October and doesn’t usually leave til April!! Country music is all the go there so keep an open mind and check out Outlaws and The Longbranch (by the end of exchange I was loving it!).

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