UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts

If you’re thinking about going to McGill for the winter semester definitely be prepared to arrive in Montreal in negative temperatures, absolutely lost and most likely completely friendless. This probably doesn’t sound like much fun, but for some reason it kind of is. Montreal is a beautiful and exciting city and although the freezing temperatures will continue for the majority of the time you are there, you will find the city and university easy to navigate, the people extremely welcoming – and you will have friends that feel like family in no time.

As a BA student in the first semester of my final year it was a little daunting to think I would have to adjust to a whole new university system as there was no way I wanted to fail anything. If you are a political science student like myself I think the workload is fairly similar in amount and difficulty to UQ, however, I do think McGill students, especially “poli-sci” students, can sometimes take their work a little too seriously so expect some pretty vocal students and the library to be packed until all hours of the morning during exam period.

Some tips:

1.    Four months goes very quickly so don’t put things off (mainly because it’s cold) thinking you’ll have time to do them later.
2.    Talk to anyone and everyone – people in your classes, cafes, libraries, pubs, clubs (take advantage of the Australian accent even if people don’t understand you sometimes) and you’ll probably find yourself with a pretty strange but great group of friends.
3.    Whether you know how to ski or not, go on the MISN ski trip, or if you can ski well, join a skiing/snowboarding club and go every weekend.

Highly recommended: Canada Goose jackets – although they are a bit expensive they are so worthwhile.


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