Multiple $5,000 - $7,000 grants are available through the New Colombo Plan for students going on exchange in semester 1 or 2, 2018 to Japan.

Kobe University
City: Kobe

Exchange Program Website

Approximate semester dates:

Semester 1 (Spring semester): April - August
Semester 2 (Fall semester): October - February

Academic Calendar

Arrival: Your university accommodation will only be available 1 day prior to the start of semester

Language of instruction: Some English, Mostly Japanese
Full time load equivalent:

14 tani/credits per semester

28 tani/credits per year


Additional notes for Japanese language course:

1. The 300-hour Intensive Japanese Language Program is worth 10 credits (Students will receive a certificate of completion). Available at the Elementary, Upper Elementary and Intermediate levels. 

2. All other language courses offered by Centre for International Education (meeting once a week for 90 minutes) are worth 1 credit each. 

3. All other courses taught by the faculties are worth 2 credits each. 

Fields of Study Available:

First, consult the Undergraduate Programs list to see what fields of study are available.

Then, look at the Course Catalogue* for specific course descriptions.

Educational Program on Current Japan - focuses on current issues in Japan covering a broad range of disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, and advanced science and technology subjects for cutting-edge research as well. Providing opportunities for a broader understanding of Japan from various perspectives, this English/English & Japanese-taught program can be combined with students' own special field

Japanese language courses

Students must take at least one discipline focused course from their Kobe home faculty, besides taking Japanese language courses at Kobe Centre for International Education. 

See here for Kobe courses/programs info.

There is no language requirement, but having Japanese ability equivalent to JLPT N2 or higher is required if you intend to take courses conducted in Japanese.

*Many courses offered at Kobe University are conducted in Japanese. Please refer to the "Classroom Language" mentioned in the course descriptions from the Course Catalogue (above).

Please note that the options listed on this webpage should be used as a guide only. Additional discipline areas may be available. For current information about fields of study, course selection and language proficiency requirements, please check the host university's website.

Restricted Fields of Study: Undergraduate students only
Approximate living expenses:

YEN 120,000 - 150,000 per month
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Living expenses breakdown

Accommodation - Exchange students are given priority to university dormitories (single room only) but not guaranteed. Kokui dormitory is recommended for exchange students (the university makes the final decision for dorm allocation). 

Additional information:

Minimum cumulative GPA of 5.0 required to be eligible for exchange to Kobe.

Kobe University Information Sheet 2017/18

Exchange students are expected to maintain good relationships with local students and faculties members of Kobe University and its neighbouring community. 

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