Bachelor of Laws/Science
Bachelor of Laws/Science

At UQ I am in my 5th year of a double degree in laws and science. While in Ireland at the University College of Dublin (UCD) I studied only law. The UCD equivalent to a full study load at UQ is 6 courses. This sounds challenging, but the courses are noticeably lighter in content and this course load is definitely manageable. I found it good to study a higher number of courses while on exchange because it allows a broader learning experience. This structure of learning is less detail oriented and I found this to be a refreshing way to view law. The work load at UCD felt lighter than a semester at UQ, this is great because it allows more time to make friends, see Ireland and even do weekend trips away. These were some of the best parts of my exchange experience.

While on exchange I made an unforgettable group of friends with whom I share a thousand amazing memories! Most of the friends I made while in Dublin were other exchange students. The Irish students were very friendly but the other exchange students had similar interests for travel and less stressful study pressures. This wonderful group of friends really contributed to the amazing exchange experience I had. We took weekends away to continental Europe and also to see other areas of Ireland. We also did weekend hikes to see the countryside around Dublin. And of course, when drinking a pint of Guinness, it is always more fun with a bunch of friends around.

The best advice I have for anyone going on exchange is to always say ‘yes’! Whether it is weekends away, a pint at a pub or joining a team or club the best thing you can do is get involved! I can personally recommend ultimate frisbee, it’s a super fun game and the people are really friendly and welcoming. Ireland is a really small country and it is easy to explore via bus or train. The international student associations also provide weekend trips that are a great way to see the country and meet new people. Just be sure to plan no classes on Fridays as the trips usually leave Friday morning for the weekend.

While in Dublin I stayed at Belgrove Residences and most of my friends did also. Most of the apartments have been renovated and are in beautiful condition. The security measures for residences on campus at Belfield are a bit extreme and annoying. If you want more relaxed security I would advise staying at the Blackrock campus, although that does provide a commuting issue and slightly less shiny lodgings.

UCD is an easy-going place to study, where you can achieve academically and have the time of your life doing it.

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