Masters of Business
Masters of Business

Academic Experiences

MAN636 International Entrepreneurship and Managing Change
MKT520 Market Research
MAN647 Strategic and International Human Resources Management
MAN648 Incentives and Performance
MAN 654 Corporate Restructuring

Mannheim offered numerous classes in English in varying formats (lecture or intensive seminars; exam or paper). The lecturers do not mind if you have to miss a class or two for an intensive seminar. Unfortunately, I did not know this and ended up having five exams at the end of the semester. Also the lecture format was disappointing for me, as I was used to the interactive seminars at UQ.

I found the work load at Mannheim to be less than at UQ. Only two out of my five classes prescribed weekly readings and none had prescribed textbooks. The lectures simply expect you to memorise what was on the PowerPoint slides.

Personal Experiences

I made so many international friends and learned so much about myself and Europe.


I lived at Ulmenweg, a village of student dorms, while on exchange. It was 20 minutes from the city via a bus which only came every 20 or 30 minutes. It was far from the city and coming home from a night out was a pain because the buses stopped at 1 am. But there were hundreds of students living in Ulmenweg so you always had a friend on the bus and people close by if you wanted to hang out. Also the council opened a tram stop outside Ulmenweg in the week I left, so this situation would have improved.


Food and drinks are super cheap in Germany compared to Australia. Public transport is relatively expensive. I recommend buying the semester ticket. For €155 you can travel all semester in the region. I also bought the bahn 25 card which gives you 25% of train trips. However, 99% of the time the Flixbus is cheaper than the train.

Academic Development and Employability

I learned a lot about many different cities in Europe. I loved going on free walking tours and hearing funny, historical stories.


Travel on exchange is a must! Germany is central Europe and Mannheim is only an hour from Frankfurt Airport, the third largest airport in Europe. During the 7 months I was away, I went to 8 cities in Germany and 18 countries. It helped having no classes on Fridays!

Top Tips 

I wasn’t too much into the party scene but if you are the student group, VISUM, organises events almost every night of the week at various locations. They put on special drink deals and have themed events with games. I only went to a few but they were fun. Also the university has a free sports program for students with gym classes.

- Download the apps: (offline map) and DB Navigator (live train times)
- Shops shut on Sundays and public holidays – don’t forget to buy milk!
- Study in fall semester, not spring – the weather will get colder when you need to study
- Go on walking tours when you travel

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