UQ Program: Masters of International Studies
I am currently studying Advanced Masters of International Studies (International Relations). I had always planned to do masters following my arts / law degree at UQ and always hoped to go on exchange as part of my masters. I applied to Sciences Po because it is one of the best political sciences universities in the world and also to help improve my French.

I found Sciences Po to be simply amazing. My lecturers were all highly respected in their fields and I had the privilege of being taught by a former chief UN weapons inspector and a German Ambassador among other outstanding teachers. Their personal insights into the real world of international relations made the learning experience both enjoyable and inspiring. 

If you are planning to go to Sciences Po to learn French though, I would not recommend it. Unless you are already fluent, you will likely end up having to take all your classes in English and most of the French Sciences Po students speak fluent English and are super keen to practice it on you. Whether at Sciences Po or in general in Paris, my attempts to speak French were almost always met with a response in English.

Another thing to know is that the initial time at Sciences Po can really be very, very frustrating. Signing up for subjects (impossible!), getting a student card (about 20 forms and 200 euro), finding the class rooms (which are all over the 6th arrondisment) all proved to be an unexpected challenge. Once all these issues were overcome though, Sciences Po is such a fantastic university that it was well worth the initial pain.

Apart from the amazing academic opportunity, being on exchange at Sciences Po also offered me the chance to make friends with people from all over the world.  It gave me the opportunity to live in the amazing city that is Paris and having six months to explore the city was such a treat. Finally, being here provided a fantastic opportunity to travel throughout France and Europe. I seemed to be on a train somewhere new and exciting every few weeks.

If you get the chance, I would really recommend a semester at this great university. 

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