Having to first arrive at Montreal was daunting and exciting at the same time! It was my first time stepping into the Northern Hemisphere, and also into the freezing cold weather (it was -20 when I got there. BRRR!) It was difficult at first, getting used to the way things go in Montreal, and of course, being surrounded with French signs and the language ;)

I truly had an amazing time in Montreal (especially when the weather warmed up), with all the little parks, great food and wonderful people! It is a good place to go to if you love nature. I would certainly recommend Mount Royal! Ascend to the top and you could find yourself a breathtaking view of the whole city. Have a drink at Old Montreal/Crescent St, a lazy afternoon brunch on St Denis, have a maple taffy, watch a NHL ice hockey game!, and of course the world famous SMOKED MEAT SANDWICH from Schwartz’s!

I had a tour of the maple syrup plantation (plantation de l’erable a sucre) as well! For traveling wise, I would recommend the VIARail train. Alternatively, you could take the Greyhound buses if you’re crossing the border to the States. Domestic flights are costly as compared to what we get in Australia, hence I do not recommend unless you get a really good deal! Toronto, New York and Boston are nearby places you can consider traveling to :)

I recommend living in the Plateau as it is a convenient and lively place (food, pubs, groceries…) Rent is relatively cheaper in Montreal than in Brisbane as well. The workload in McGill was slightly lesser than in UQ (even with the 5 modules), although they weigh tests and exams heavily (something which I struggled a bit with!) For people in BPsycSci, I would definitely recommend NOT doing your Psychology courses overseas as it is difficult to match courses that were the same as what UQ is offering. Save up your general electives so that you have more choices to play around with ;)

Montreal is a nice place to go to, with people of all different cultures you can interact with :) it is also a good place to learn and practice French (although you can get by with English). I recommend getting a Canada Goose jacket , woolen socks and scarf to keep warm.

Don’t wait anymore! Sign up to go to Montreal now! (:

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