What an amazing 6 months! From walking through the snow to uni, finding may way around a new city on public transport and meeting people from all over the world, my semester exchange to Graz, Austria was the best time of my life. Many of us became great friends and by the end of the semester we had created our own way of life that we wanted to take with us.

I am an international studies student with major in International Relations and German. As a student coming from Australia, it was assumed that I was a law student. However, I had no issues finding subjects that would complement my course at UQ. I found many subjects that related to my degree and learnt quite a lot about Austrian History.

Graz is a perfect city to study in; within 2 weeks of being there I was actually recognizing people on the street and chatting with them in the main square. It is a large university town and you are always meeting people or bumping into someone that you know.

Graz has so many things on offer for students, there is always something going on. The ERASMUS student network has a fantastic buddy program and organises many trips or events every week. If you are up for it, look into getting a bike in Graz as you can walk and bike anywhere in the city. The student accommodation at Wienerstrasse where I stayed was a great setup and you could always find something to be a part of or a get together happening at Wienerstrasse.

Graz is situated in the centre of Europe and is very close to many other countries and you can go and visit many cities on weekends as shops in Graz are closed on Sundays. Saying this, it is also great to spend time relaxing at the park or exploring the city in the warmer months.

I would recommend a semester abroad to anyone, no matter where you go you will have a fantastic time. Just like everyone before me has said, it is a rewarding and life changing experience and one that you will never forget. 

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