Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science

Academic experiences

Five courses (#30 credits) at the University of Hong Kong is equivalent to four courses (#8 credits) at UQ.
As a BSc student, I found the contact hours at HKU lower than an average UQ semester.
There are very few practicals and tutorials and most of the content is lecture based, so those looking for hands on experience would want to look elsewhere.
However, the contact hours are way less, giving you time to roam and explore Asia.
There are a wide variety of courses to choose from and there is an “add and drop period” for the first two weeks of semester where you can try as many courses as you want.
Make sure you have your courses approved by both UQ and HKU as it becomes extremely difficult to change courses after the “add and drop period”.


Personal experiences

When I signed up for exchange in Hong Kong, I expected to be immersed in Asian culture and their lifestyle.
Well that did happen but I did not expect to learn this much from all over the world.
HKU attracts many of exchange students from around the world and has given me the opportunity to become friends with those from not only Hong Kong, but Canada, America, France, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Pakistan, England and The Netherlands.
From unique slangs and accents to political systems and dance moves, you learn so much from just hanging out with others from a different country, and they also want to know what Australia is like. Just be sure to teach them about drop bears and how great vegemite tastes and they’ll be set.



This is not to be taken lightly.
My rent was extremely cheap (around 5000 HKD for the semester) compared to the poor unfortunate souls living off campus (around 8000 HKD per month).
Plus, various halls have different activities that you can join to have fun and meet new people.
You meet a lot of people from just being in a hall and some may become your best friends to travel with.
So be ready for the residential halls sign-up and if you’re too slow (like me), don’t be afraid to send emails to various halls and HKU accommodation.
People move in and out of halls all the time and moving into a hall vastly increased my exchange experience.
However, try to avoid signing up for morning classes.
Hall activities run really late and sleeping at 3-4am is considered normal.



It all depends on what you’re looking for.
Generally the meals you find in Hong Kong are a little less expensive what you’d find in Australia. However the serving sizes are also much smaller, making a standard Aussie meal around the same price.
Travelling is extremely cheap everywhere in Hong Kong and there are also cheap flights all around Asia.
You won’t have to worry about money if you’re like me and love to travel.


Academic development and employability

I’ve learnt so much with a greater perspective on the world.
It was very interesting so see how education was approached in another country.
I’ve also picked up the general values, attitudes and beliefs from various countries.
This knowledge translates to being able to better connect with other people from those countries.


I would say the whole exchange was one huge highlight.
There was not a single boring moment from eating exotic foods to seeing breathtaking views.
Heaps of cheap shopping places are available and there are always parties around.
There is just so much to do in Hong Kong.

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Top tips

Bring a camera!
There are so many things to do and places to see where you just have to take a picture.
Don’t use your phone camera and spend time loading the camera app and risk running out of battery.
A dedicated photo taker is well worth bringing along to log your adventures.
If you are ever thinking about going on exchange, do it.
It was such an epic experience and one that I’ll look back upon the rest of my life.

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