Bachelor of International Studies, 3rd year
Bachelor of International Studies, 3rd year

Academic Experience

I studied Canadian Politics which was a challenge at first since I did not know much about the federal system in Canada but overall it was great to learn how such a nation works.

I also studied Spanish and two Latin America courses, it was awesome, the professor was excellent and so passionate about this topic that I really enjoyed.

Personal Experience

Canada has always been in my 'countries to visit' list, so exploring Canada during winter was such a great experience. I met some fantastic people and I discovered ice hockey which I started to play in a team over there and will continue to play here in Australia. Skiing in Canada was also on my 'places to go' list and it was very enjoyable. I have to admit that going to the University with an average of - 25 degrees is not always easy but for a short period it was an awesome experience!


I lived off-campus because I wanted to live with some Canadian people and not necessarily students. The public transport system was really easy to access because I lived 15 minutes from the campus which was perfect.

Advice: Look for an accommodation close to the university with public transport easy to access. Living with local people was a great way to meet friends.


Rent: $650 a month
Transport: $141 for 4 months
Travel: $3500
Food: $2000-2500 for 4 months
Extra: (hockey gear, hockey team): $1500

To enjoy, travel and live normally without working during the exchange for 4 months I would budget $12 000.

Professional Development & Employability

I do think that the exchange assisted me in finding what I would do next after University. Not necessarily for me but I am certain that visiting and living in another country for a few months can help people find business ideas.


The University of Alberta was really good.
Skiing in Banff, Jasper and Whisler was the highlight of my trip for sure. I enjoyed visiting Yellowknife with my Australian friends that visited me for 2 weeks.

Lastly, fighting the cold was such a good experience and playing hockey every week made me feel at home in Canada.

Top Tips

The only advice I can give is to find a country that you want to visit, find the university that best matches your degree and go because it is a once in a lifetime chance experience!

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