UQ Program: Bachelor of Business Management/Laws

The study abroad program is one of the best opportunities offered to students at UQ and my exchange to the University of Western Ontario in Canada was definately the best experience I have had throughout my degree. Western is about two hours south of Toronto and is a very fun university with a strong campus culture and extra curricular program. Throughout my exchange I was a member of the outdoors club, salsa dancing club and wine appreciation society and found these outlets to be a great way to meet a lot of Canadian students from many different faculties. The law school at Western organises a buddy for incoming exchange students which is very helpful, especially pre-departure and for the first few weeks of the exchange however the clubs and societies are really worth becoming involved in to experience the diversity of the university and to meet a wide range of students and staff.

I completed my exchange during the winter and spring terms so when I first arrived it was about minus 15-20 degrees and not having a car to get around in made things quite difficult during the winter however it also allowed us to do some great ski trips, including a week in Whistler in February. Some other highlights of my exchange include a day trip to Niagara Falls, a weekend in Toronto with a group of other exchange students and a speech given at the university by Robert F Kennedy Jr. I was only able to complete a single semester exchange however I recommend going for a year if possible to really become part of the university and have the true college experience. Four months just wasn’t long enough!

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