Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Arts, 3rd year
Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Arts, 3rd year

Academic Experiences 

I'm studying Business Management/Arts at UQ but only did business subjects. The School of Management at TUM have really interesting topics and classes that aren't offered back at home which was great. I took a couple of masters classes as well whilst over here and learning from industry professionals was very fascinating. One of the biggest challenges I faced is finding courses that matched my study plan. Many of the courses I had originally planned to take weren't taught in my semester so I had to make a lot of last minute changes whilst in Germany. Also, the class registration system in Germany is very self-guided and really requires you to be on top of things (it took some time getting use to).

Personal Experiences

The friendships I have made through exchange is something I will cherish forever. I have met people from so many different countries and experienced so many different cultures, it is truly amazing. From these friends, I have travelled to their homes in Italy, Prague and Poland for Christmas. The friendships I have made during my time on exchange will definitely be the highlight and the memories I will miss most. Living in Germany has also allowed me to practice a bit of my German that I've learnt back at home. Also, attending Oktoberfest was an experience like none other. If you're coming over for exchange in Semester 2, be sure to get here early for Oktoberfest!


I was lucky enough to be offered accommodation through the university, but this wasn't the case from the beginning. At first, I had to find private accommodation as I didn't meet the study requirements to be offered housing through the university, but it was very difficult and expensive. I emailed the host university and asked if they could help me, and before I knew it, I was offered housing. I stayed in a bungalow in the old Olympic Village, which honestly is the best accommodation you can get. The rent was well priced and the commute to university only took 20 minutes door to door. One massive advice I would give to anyone coming over is to try and contact TUM to see if they can get you into student housing even if they say you don't meet the conditions. I tried and got the best accommodation I could ask for which was a massive relief.


One of the biggest expenses you will incur over here is rent. If you get a spot with student housing, it will be relatively cheap (compared to the rest of Munich). I also purchased a semester transport ticket (€152) which allows you to travel the whole of Munich's transport network 24/7 for 6 months. Don't forget to factor in the compulsory health insurance costs you have to have whilst studying in Germany. Food and entertainment costs are pretty much similar to what you would pay back at home, which is a big plus. With regards to travelling, buses and trains are relatively cheap and get you to big cities relatively quick and hassle free.

Academic development and employability

One of the main advantages of Germany are the networks professors have. In a couple of my lectures, we had CEO's and head of departments from start up companies give guest talks. It was really rewarding and interesting to understand and hear what these people had to say about their field of work. Interest in internships were also offered by each of these guest lecturers. In addition, the university regularly holds talks from high corporate companies, for example, the US Ambassador for Germany and the co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp.


One of the highlights of my experience was going to Poland for Christmas. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would even visit Poland during this exchange. I was lucky enough to meet a girl over here from Poland and she was kind enough to invite me and a bunch of other friend's that didn't have anywhere to go for Christmas to her home. Not only did I get to visit yet another country, but I also experienced a traditional Polish Christmas with a Polish family. It was absolutely amazing.

Top Tips

Have a flexible study plan with a lot of pre-approved courses. Courses vary every semester at TUM and there will be a high chance that courses you want to take won't be on during your semester. Course enrolments and class "sign-ons" are very different here compared to UQ so make sure you are on top of it and register for classes ASAP.

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