UQ Program: Bachelors of Arts/Social Science

Academic experiences: Finding the right courses can be quite a lot of work in advance so make sure you start on time. It can also happen that the courses you were planning to take are not available once you arrive at your host university. My advice is therefore: be prepared and don't stress because if there is one thing I learned about logistics it is that everything in the end will work out and that sometimes includes delays but in return you get the most rewarding experience ever.

Courses were taught in a completely different way than at UQ in my case they were very boring during the lectures and the teachers did not take questions. Also, during tutorials, discussion was not strongly encouraged but instead the tutor talked a lot. Even though this sounds a bit negative it also widens your perspective on things and made me appreciate my home institution UQ much more.
Personal experiences:  Hong Kong I'm in love with this city and I'm heartbroken without it. It embraces Asian and Western culture. Culture, Hong Kong is rich of culture, dynamic busy streets, the city that never sleeps, amazing night life, the best food ever, shopping, people people and people everywhere, always something to do and explore, amazingness in everything and surprises hidden in the little things and even though 7.5 million people are living in this little magical place if you want to go out of the hectic life you can catch one of the ferries to one of the smaller islands where you can see beautiful landscapes, eat delicious seafood and visit the fisher villages. Also, Hong Kong is known as the gateway to Asia which I can hereby confirm. Travelling from and to Hong Kong is cheap and easy, some of the other countries I visited where Singapore, China, The Philippines and Thailand.
Expenses:  1300 euros a month. This includes accommodation, food, shopping and travelling to other countries. It’s more than enough.
What you got out of it: life has so much to offer. Don’t have expectations but let things overcome you.

Don't expect you to know yourself because you can limit yourself with this thought but instead be open to everything. I thought I would never have been able to share my room with 2 people. But it has been one of the best things of my exchange and my roommates were the best people I could have had and I miss them very much.


  • Visit Lan Kwai Fong for an amazing nightlife (Hyde, Sahara, Shore, 1997),
  • Get your coffee from Starbucks at campus with discounts
  • To get the best deals on GROUPON (subscribe yourself on the website groupon.hk)

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