Bachelor of exercise and sports science
Bachelor of exercise and sports science
While on exchange I studied Kin 233, Kin 281, Kin 320, Kin 381 and Kin 423.
The courses had excessive amounts of small assignments worth 3-5% which was annoying; however, they were relatively easy and enjoyable.
Kin 423 was perhaps my favourite subject as it provided an opportunity to work with a local wheelchair basketball team.
It's a great way to meet new people and see places you never thought existed. It gives you a great appreciation of home as you are completely independent for 6 months. 
On campus living was great, I wouldn't change it for anything despite being a bit expensive. It was a nice new apartment. 
I would recommend coming with at least $8,000 to fully enjoy your experience and not have to worry about any other expenses. I had a bit more than this as I was travelling before and after my exchange.
Rent $600
food ~$400/month as I ate out quite a bit it was more expensive
Transport - most of the friends I made had cars and I didn't have to worry too much, a bus pass if included in the student fees.
Save as much as you can. The more money you have the more things you can do and experience.
Don't plan trips for after your exchange, before you leave or early in your exchange as you will make new friends and want to see new things as you progress through your exchange. 


In Kin 423 we got the opportunity to play an array of disabled sports including sledge hockey which was probably the highlight of my exchange. 

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