UQ Program: Bachelors of Business Management/Arts

In 2010 I spent a year on exchange in Cholula, Mexico at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP). It was the best year of my life so far.

I study Spanish as a part of my Arts and Business Management dual degree so I was always determined to go on exchange to a Spanish speaking country. Studying in Mexico wasn’t only a fantastic way to accelerate my Spanish speaking skills - it was great for travel, meeting new people and opening your mind to a different way of living.

I would highly recommend studying at the UDLAP if you are after a sociable and more personal university experience. It has a beautiful campus located in a small town only two hours bus drive from Mexico City. The main street along the campus is packed with cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs that guarantee great eating and exciting nightlife. There is also a lot of affordable student housing near the campus.

UDLAP offers some courses in English. However, their selection doesn’t cater for all degrees. As an international student UDLAP also allowed me to participate in local community service projects and organise an internship. The university has its own travel office that organises student trips around the country -a great way to meet people and see more of Mexico.

I fell in love with Mexico and the student exchange experience. I encourage all students to go on their own exchange trip!

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