I am a Master of International Hotel and Tourism Management 4th semester student at UQ. Going on exchange was more than a challenge; it was an opportunity which offered me chances to immerse myself in a new and unfamiliar environment and to enhance my capacity to deal with everything independently and positively.

While Studying at ESSEC Business School, I had plenty of chances to participate in group work, which was a great platform to approach different students but also to assist myself to discover which role I was best suited for. No more than 2 absences are allowed in any course, otherwise the students would fail. Language barrier was one of the obstacles that I tried to conquer. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed because I was a total beginner, but after a while, I managed to go through daily life by combining English, body language and slowly increasing French language.

If my exchange experience was a story book, my whole new life would unfold on the very first page. The last chapter was about how much I have learned and gained over the period, ranging from a better understanding of the diversity between people who have different cultural backgrounds and speak in different tongues to the precious friendships which would last a lifetime. I made a lot of friends who moved my soul to dance and lit up my exchange experience. During my exchange, I visited many countries, such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece which not only broadened my horizon and opened my eyes to the various cultures, but also inspired me with a passion for learning.

Top tips

  • Learn some basic French before heading there.
  • There is more fun living in the Paris central city than near ESSEC.
  • Make full use of the time to go traveling in Europe. Planning in advance saves a lot of money.

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