I am currently enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce, third year student. The exchange university I have been to is Copenhagen Business School. My experience in Copenhagen has never been short of amazing. It has been one month already since I came back from Denmark, however, all the beautiful memories there are still spanning in my head as it just happened yesterday. Copenhagen is an attractive city with friendly Danish people and unique culture. Regarding the life style, there are some differences from Australia which I think it’s interesting. Firstly, bicycles are everywhere. No matter where you are, you will see people are cycling all the time, despite how heavy of rainy and snowy is! So the first weapon in Copenhagen should be the bike.

Secondly, Copenhagen in itself is very Danish. No matter where I am, all I can see is Danish. There is no English even though in some tourist area. I still remembered the first time I went to supermarket and bought juice, but I could only tell from the picture on the bottle to buy the right juice I want! However, there is no any problem to live in Copenhagen since every Danes can speak perfect English, which is surprised me a lot. Thirdly, compared to the sunny Brisbane, Copenhagen seems like totally another side of the sky. Most time in winter in Copenhagen is dark. People will get depressed soon especially in the exam period. However, Danish people are more diligent and more hardworking towards studying and life. This is the typical European attitudes, which motivated me as well.

On the other hand, I believe that some same hobbits are always popular among young people. Such as drinking! Grab a glass of beer and share stories seems like the most common way to make friends everywhere, so does Copenhagen. It is very handy to find designed and unique bars in Copenhagen. Second of all, traveling is the most attractive thing to do as an exchange student. Going to Denmark means you have the whole Europe. To people who want to travel in Europe is the best chance to go now! I have been to almost the whole European, and it will save much money if you have a good journey planning.

Referring to the academic aspect, CBS is definitely a good choice to go if you are a commerce student. First of all, students have a quite wide range to choose courses since CBS offers diverse choices toward both major and elective courses. Second of all, the teaching style is quite similar with UQ, the whole semester comprise several assessments. However, unlike UQ divided total narks into different percentage, CBS is always 100 percent final, which I am not used to do it.

5 top tips:

  • Train your bicycle skills before you go, because everyone is a cycling expert in Copenhagen. And buy a bicycle when you just arrive.
  • Living in dorm is the best way to get along with amazing exchange students from all of the world, I recommend a dorm called Porcelanshaven where I lived since its only open for exchange students, I am sure you will have unforgettable time there.
  • Planning earlier for your European trips, you can probably get very cheap flight tickets online.
  • Take some thick clothes which can against wind, because its very windy in winter in Copenhagen.
  • Warmly participate to these social activities which held by CBS, it has so much fun and is the amazing opportunities to meet new international students.

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