I arrived in Copenhagen in the January. My allocated buddy picked me up from the train station and took me to the most beautiful building i have seen in my life, my new home, Tietgenkollegiet. Named the best residence in Europe I was privileged to be able to stay here and would recommend it to anyone purely based on its parties, movie rooms, and hospitality grade kitchens.

By arriving in January it allowed me to see the distinct change in seasons. The days are short and cold in winter but this doesn’t stop the Danes from having fun. There were parties organised every night for the first two weeks and then throughout the semester, riding your bike to a club in the snow is surely a great experience every Australian needs to have. As summer approached the days lasted until 10:30pm. The Danes really appreciate the sun when it comes out and hundreds unload onto the harbour side at Islands Brygge.

CBS has a different structure to their semesters in that the year is divided into quarters, two quarters per semester. I recommend students to take three courses in quarter three and then only one in quarter four, freeing a lot of time for travel and socialising during the end of semester. My courses only had one three hour lecture per week, but a lot of reading was expected.

The campus is an architectural artwork but is very small. It is basically spread over just three buildings which are connected by a metro line. The main building holds the uni bar, NEXUS which is a cafe by day and turns into a lively bar each Thursday nights, a must do each week.

Everyone says Denmark is a very expensive place, but I found it very similar to Australia in most things. Alcohol is much cheaper in Denmark with beers as cheap as 2.5kr each ($0.40AUD). They have a lot of budget grocery stores like Aldi and Facta where most people shop and you can find good bargains. Eating out at restaurants will rob your bank so steer clear of this.

5 top tips:

  • In spring/summer go to Christiania get a shawarma (kebab) and a beer and play backgammon in the sun at the tables outside
  • Go to Penthouse for least one night
  • Buy a bike as soon as you arrive, get it second hand and don’t pay any more than 700kr
  • Eat ice cream at Nyhavn
  • Ride your bike out to Dyrehavn on a sunny day and find deer’s then go on the oldest wooden rollercoaster in the world at the old Tivoli

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