UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts

My experience in Copenhagen has been nothing short of amazing. The whole exchange program was great and I think it is something that every UQ student should do. Copenhagen in itself is brilliant and is without a doubt now one of my favourite cities in the world. Not only is the city easy on the eye it also has some great little bars and clubs to choose from and with the parties organised by CBS a lot of fun is to be had in Copenhagen. CBS is one of the top business schools in the world and it shows. The campus has a good feel to it with all the buildings architecturally designed and all the facilities that you would ever need as an international student.

A few more pros and cons that may entice or deter you:
A handy thing in Denmark is that everyone speaks English, everyone. This is pretty annoying if you want to learn Danish but in all honesty it’s an ugly language and obviously not widely used. Other than that the people are all really polite and warm not to mention aesthetically pleasing. Copenhagen does have one major downfall however, it is unjustifiably expensive. Prepare to suck your bank account dry with eight dollars being the standard price for a coffee and beer reaching over ten dollars. Overall this trip has been fantastic with having met so many great people and experiencing such a great city.

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