UQ Program: Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Let me start off with the cliché expression that going on exchange was one of the best experiences of my life. It is definitely an easy way to spend a decent amount of time in a country without having to put off uni.

Montreal in the winter was amazing. Once you get over the initial shock and buy a proper coat to replace whatever ‘winter’ clothes you manage to find in Brisbane, you really begin to appreciate it. It’s amazing how simple things like having a fresh layer of snow covering everything, trudging through it and discovering that you can actually see snowflakes make the walk to class so much more interesting.

As for classes, I’m finishing my third year of a ‘Bachelor of Biomedical Science’ so I had to get most subjects to match up. McGill has a pretty good selection of science courses, so that didn’t really cause any problems. In my opinion, McGill wasn’t any harder than UQ, but there was more of an emphasis on memorisation based learning. It was also interesting to see that most of the ‘profs’ were doctors as opposed to researchers.

It’s not all about studying though. There’s so much to do in Montreal. You haven’t really experienced it unless you climb up and fall down an icy Mont Royal, go on the ski trip, get addicted to hot chocolate, meet some amazing people, scoff down bagels and poutine, go ice skating on an open pond, go bixi-ing and attempt to learn French but never end up using it.

Definitely stay at least one or two weeks after exams end though. Montreal just begins to transform at the end of exams making it really hard to leave straight away. I think it’s also easier to sort out accommodation before you get there. For second semester, people don’t generally get back until the day before semester starts, so it’s really hard to look at anything anyway.

I absolutely loved Montreal and I couldn’t recommend it more.

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