Academic experiences

Getting the courses approved was difficult but everything got sorted out eventually and I had a combination of interesting courses on building services, electric vehicles, economics and finances, sustainability and power systems. In particular, I enjoyed the field trip to the COSCO Tower for the building services course because I could observe how the appliances and design principles taught in lectures were used in practice. The course on electric vehicles was astounding as it discusses the latest hybrid vehicle and battery electric vehicle designs and prospects. I recommend engineering exchange students who plan to go to HKU to try some of the courses that have no equivalent courses at UQ because these courses will enrich your studies and to have about eight to ten courses in mind for approval.

Personal experiences

At HKU there are many clubs and societies to join and the local students are very friendly to exchange students. I signed up to the HKU Kendo Club and HKU Archery Club and had a lot of fun learning the sports and sharing our different cultures. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, I went to see the huge, colourful L.E.D lantern displays in the Victoria Park and the dragon dance. Another time, I went to sing karaoke with some of the local students to celebrate the completion of our exams. I think the best way to explore Hong Kong is to meet up with a few other exchange students and local students.


Around AUD 300-400 per week.


I stayed at the hall accommodation and it was an unforgettable experience. There are many activities you can join so you will never be bored. I joined one of the hall hikes to the Peak and the tug-o-war competition between three halls. Hall places do fill up quite quickly so throw in your application early.


  • Go to Sham Shui Po for the electronics, computer hardware and software products
  • Don't bother bringing too many clothes there are heaps of shops that sell clothes and don't close until around nine to ten pm.
  • Hang out with other exchange students and local students. Usually at the Global Lounge of HKU there are many activities for exchange students.
  • Have a map of Hong Kong or have Google Map in hand so you will have an easy time exploring Hong Kong
  • Plan an affordable overseas trip during the midsem break (called reading week by HKU)

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