I am in my third year of studies majoring in Archaeology and looked at exchange as a way of getting experience from another part of the world to expand the scope of my degree. If core modules are studied whilst on exchange I recommend fully checking the particular faculty and its standard prior to application to get the best out of your host university. UCD is a large university with plenty to offer over a wide range of disciplines, so most can find plenty of modules that interest them.

This particular semester I had a larger workload than usual, with the 6 required from UCD and another via distance from UQ. This meant I was always busy but being organised makes it manageable. I highly recommend UCD from an academic point of view, as it had great lecturers from around the world, good facilities and a very helpful team for international students.

The uni also has things like a great free gym and fancy new swimming pool, which was reasonably priced. I lived in university off-campus accommodation, which was probably more expensive than finding a private place to rent but I would still recommend it for the simplicity and convenience. You also meet lots of other students both exchange and Irish, which is perfect when you arrive in a
city where you may know absolutely no-one.

My most important piece of advice is to join clubs at UCD. These are absolutely fantastic without any doubt, being cheap (generally speaking) and hands down the best way to meet like-minded people from Ireland and abroad. I joined a few but easily the best for me was the Mountaineering Club, who ran trips throughout Ireland, had great rates on rock climbing and loads of other fun stuff. Whether hiking or climbing is your thing or not it doesn’t matter, the point is the club and societies system they have at UCD is really worth getting involved in.

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