UQ Program: Bachelors of Commerce/Law

As part of my final year study, I decided to spend a semester in a different country and experience a different lifestyle. Having travelled to Hong Kong in the holiday previously, I have always wanted to experience the firsthand lifestyle and culture of Hong Kong. Hong Kong being a common law system, together with its “one country, two systems” policy, makes it an ideal country for exchange as a law student.

HKU offers various law courses. I was able to learn about the Chinese legal system which was very valuable to me as I am interested in working in China in the future. For all the courses I undertook, they were all lecture based which run for 3 hours. I often found 3 hour lectures a bit tiring as some of the lecturers might only give one 10 minutes break. However, there was no tutorial which made up it. As for the assessment aspect, most were take-home exams which I prefer over the in-hall exam. My advice is not to leave study till the end. This may be a challenge because there are so many things you can do in HK with such a short period of time and you may travel outside of Hong Kong during the break. Also, if you choose to live in the student hall, there will always be parties and activities. The time will just fly by quickly and it will feel more like a holiday than a university semester, so it’s important to keep all the assignment due dates and exams in mind while making the most out of the exchange experience.

Hong Kong is an interesting and lively place, it really made my days fulfilling and colourful. Without needing to think what to do, the shops and nightlife will fill in your daily schedule. Most of the shops don’t close till late (after 11pm) and there will still be large crowds on the street at night. It’s like a weekend every day. During my time in HK, I always had a big problem of making choices because there were so much variety. This was especially so when I had to pick which restaurant to go to. There were all kinds of restaurants everywhere and they all looked very nice. I particularly liked the all-you-can-eat Japanese foods (not just sashimi or sushi) which costed around AU$24.

I spent Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in HK. The atmosphere during those festivals in HK provided me with a vivid carnival experience and they were truly unforgettable memories. Especially during Christmas and NYE, the decorations were magnificent. If you are spending NYE in HK and don’t like crowds, going on a ferry to enjoy the fireworks and the Christmas light decorations hanging on the walls of the skyscrapers along the two sides of Victoria Harbour is a good alternative.

I am grateful that I had this opportunity to be a HKU student. This exchange experience has given me unforgettable memories and I was able to make many new friends. I enjoyed the busy lifestyle and I am going to miss my friends, the shopping malls and all the food.

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