Bachelor of Business Management and Journalism
Bachelor of Business Management and Journalism

For my semester abroad I left Australia for the little green island west of Great Britain. Ireland, commonly known for its bad weather, bitter beer and vibrant grass has so much more to offer.

I was hosted by the University College Dublin and I managed to get a spot on campus at self-contained apartments in the Merville residence. The on-campus accommodation (although expensive) is quite modern, full of other students ready to party and only a lengthy roll from your bed to the classroom. During the semester I completed six subjects out of my dual degree of Business Management and Journalism at the Quinn business school. I taking mostly marketing and international business related courses. In comparison to UQ I found that the UCD business school likes to assess students through group work and presentations.

The semester is a very quick four months so definitely take advantage of your extended holidays and experience the European summer and winter. However, don’t let the sights of Europe take up all your weekends. Ireland and Northern Ireland have some pretty spectacular things to see and experience. Looking back on my time there I can pin point three things that made me so grateful that I chose Dublin.

Firstly I have to mention the Irish people, truly some of the hospitable people I have met. If you have Irish relatives, friends of relatives, or friends of friends send them a quick email. Some of my fondest memories were when these strangers took time out of there day to be my ‘personal guide,’ invited me to their homes for Sunday roast or made me feel like I had a home away from home.

Second of course is the pub culture. Ireland with its many quirky, warm and welcoming pubs will slowly sway you into becoming a pub person. You will find your way through many pubs- all of which are never empty and are full of Irish characters all just wanting to share their stories.

Thirdly, UCD has a strong international vibe. I know many people (including myself) leave for exchange abroad with the intentions to meet locals and avoid other international students. UCD has a huge international presence with 20% of their students arriving from 122 different countries so it is difficult NOT to meet them. The people that I met, Irish and international, were what made my experience so great. The international students were not only great travel buddies but I now have friends all over the world.

UCD semester abroad. No regrets.

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