Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce
Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce

I went to Bocconi University in Semester 2, 2013, and had the most amazing time! If you are thinking of doing it, you should know that you absolutely won’t regret it! I study a dual engineering/commerce degree at UQ, but had to take solely finance courses at Bocconi. Thankfully, as they are a world-renowned Finance university, it was easy to match up four non-elective courses. While many other Australians had to take five courses to achieve their 30 ECTS, I took Management, which is worth double the regular course points, and was able to just sit 4 courses. The classes are relatively small (20-30 people), and the lecturers are very approachable and involved. The courses themselves are assessed quite easily, and in most cases you are able to opt for a 100% final, which gives you the ability to travel a lot during mid-semester break.

I stayed on campus, in the Dubini Residence. It was modern and clean, and was only a 10-minute walk to Uni. Staying in one of the residences is definitely the best option. I was in an apartment with 3 other exchange students. We each had individual rooms, there were two bathrooms and one common kitchen/dining room.

Student among buildings at night

It is definitely a good idea to do the Italian Crash Course! Firstly, you get to meet many other exchange students this way, before the actual classes start. Secondly, it is imperative to learn at least some Italian, as many people outside the University don’t speak English. The Exchange Student Network is another great thing to sign up for. They organize a heap of events for exchange students, and, in particular, their trips/excursions are great! You can sign up to go with them, and a bunch of other exchange students, to places like Lake Como, Verona, Bologna, Venice, Oktoberfest in Munich, and many more! But also make sure you explore Milan while you are there. Milan has so much to offer. Check out a football game at San Siro Stadium, climb the Duomo, look at the Last Supper, wander through Castle Sforzesco and drink at La Fontanella!

5 Tips:

  1. If you are looking for on-campus accommodation, make sure you get in early; the earlier you get in, the closer to the actual Uni your residence will be. And even if you aren’t, make sure you organise your accommodation in advance.
  2. Make sure you get Gelato at Cioccolati Italiani, after getting Panzerotti at Luini’s, just across the road. Perhaps the greatest combination ever.
  3. Always start in Italian! The Italians hate it when you just presume they understand your English, so make sure you at least try to speak some Italian.
  4. Try out the Apertivo! 8 – 10 euros for a drink, but you get access to a buffet of Italian delicacies. The best area is around Navigli.
  5. Travel! Milan is so central to everything, and flights are cheap around Europe. Explore Italy as much as you can. If you need travelling buddies, all of your fellow exchange students will be looking for people to travel with them, so you will find them once you get there! And they will take you to places you never even though of going yourself.

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