UQ Program: Bachelors of Arts

My time in Graz was by far the most incredible experience of my life thus far. It was much needed, especially in a sense of actually recognising the world and understanding another way of life. I chose Austria for no special reason, no idea and no judgments or perspective, which was probably the best. Arriving in a country with no idea what goes on fascinated me and I quickly came to meeting new friends, locals and other students alike.

I studied Town planning which was quite uncommon as most advisors steered me towards a well recognised planning university. Although, I found enough subjects to enrol in and enjoyed the idea of picking up a new language and culture. Especially for a town planning student, the idea of discovering new cities and regional towns was perfect for my greater understanding of the world. I would recommend Karl Franzens university to anyone, regardless of your study field.

Graz has a lot to offer and with the huge amounts of students flooding the city each semester, there is definitely no time for boredom or laziness! The ERASMUS student network allows students to take part in a large array of travels, activities and group gatherings etc etc. Our student house on Wienerstrasse (make a request for here!!) was huge, full of international students and had a really good setup with a party room, sauna, beach volleyball court and rooftop terrace with bbq.

I mostly enjoyed getting away for the weekends, catching a train or plane to anywhere within Europe, but also just relaxing out in the park or around the city. Expenses are not a problem -- with the HECS HELP Loan, you are halfway there -- just a little bit of savings and I received Youth allowance as well, plus a UQ scholarship, plus FREE ACCOMMODATION for aussies -- so all in all -- you could probably save money by coming here! Beer, wine, spirits and food are all cheap, which means you can have a great night out on €20 - €30, inclusive of everything you can think of.

 I loved the fact that you could ride a bike or walk everywhere, I loved walking to and from University and into the city, always meeting people along the way, wherever you go, you are sure to bump into another student.
Close to Graz you have Llubijana (4 hrs) Venice (6 hrs) Prague (6 hrs) Vienna (2hrs) Budapest (5 hrs) Bratislava (2.5 hrs) Snowfields (2 - 4 hrs) Croatian Coastline (5 hrs). Whatever you want, it’s nearby and if you fly, you’ll be in London within an hour and a half. From there you can go anywhere CHEAP.

As everyone has been saying -- You will not regret it, and I totally agree -- It is easy to do and so rewarding. If you are thinking about it – don’t hesitate, just organise your subjects and book your ticket!! That simple.

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