Academic experiences

On exchange I wanted to take courses across both electrical engineering and also commerce.
I really enjoyed the engineering courses, the team based method of learning forced me to meet plenty of Swedes who are typically very shy.
One of my courses was actually taught in Swedish which made attending class pointless, but the professor was very accommodating to the exchange students.
The same can be said across all my courses, professors were very understanding of exchange students and deadlines are often flexible – perfect for those who wish to travel!

Norweign Fjords

Personal experiences

Perhaps a little unconventional, but I really enjoyed learning to cook for myself.
As a person I definitely have grown and matured from the experience; which is to be expected when you thrust yourself into the unknown on the other side of the world.
I met so many people just like myself, it was impossible to not make friends at every turn.
In terms of language, the Swedish speak perfect English so I only learned the very basics.

We swam across this


I lived on campus, a place called Klostergarden.
It was a studio apartment on the outskirts of the town and I was lucky to have made some of my closest friends there.
I definitely recommend applying early, although there were numerous people who changed accommodation along the way with no worries.
If I had my time again, I would have like to have lived closer to the city centre.

"Around the World" party


Living in Lund is comparable to Australia, and if you have good saving habits you can get by quite fine.
Rent was about $550/month, or for me nearly $3000aud in total.
Alcohol is very expensive, I recommend you take full advantage of duty free when you can.
Most of my money I ended up spending on travel during the semester, but it’s well worth it.
You can travel as much or as little as you want - the more you have saved, the more you can travel. In terms of local travel, buy a bike ASAP – it is the only way to get around.
It should set you back between $100-200 depending.

Valborg - beginning of Spring celebration

Academic development and employability

In terms of academic development, I can’t stay I was overly studious during my time at Lund – I took heavy advantage of the pass/fail requirement.
Employability is harder to comment on, but being more worldly and travelled has certainly made me a more sociable, responsible and confident person which can only reflect well.


Single highlight of the trip?
I honestly could not nail it down to one if I tried.
The people you meet are what make the experiences so great – I cannot stress this enough.

Birthday Celebrations

Top tips

Come with an open mind and put yourself out there.
Everyone you meet is in the same boat as you and just looking to make friends.
Save as much as you can and be ready to party like you never have before.

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