UQ Program: Bachelors of Biomedical Science

As much as I have enjoyed studying at UQ, I decided to go for an exchange as part of my final year before embarking on a hectic Honours year. I wanted a change of environment and experience a different lifestyle from what I’ve gone through as a student at UQ. I have no regrets choosing HKU. I had a great time!

I was enrolled in 5 courses at HKU as compared to 4 courses we take back at UQ. Lectures were conducted in English and the class sizes were small, allowing more interaction between lecturers and students. I was fortunate to be accepted into a laboratory at HKU where I undertook research studies under the guidance of an HKU Professor. Having also done some research work in UQ, this was a great exposure for me to work in different laboratories, widen my networking ties to Hong Kong, and gained invaluable practical skills which will help me in my future research career. Choosing courses at HKU proved to be tough as we were required to obtain course coordinator approval for almost every course we decide to pursue!  Obtaining credit approval for transfer was also difficult as equivalent courses offered at UQ are not necessarily offered at HKU. Fortunately, my faculty and UQ Abroad were very supportive and the outcome was ideal.

I applied to stay in a hall accommodation and never regretted my decision. Hall life was indeed an amazing experience! Everyone within the building lived as a family. Almost everyone knew everyone! As a floor, we went for meals together; we cooked for each other, and encouraged each other during exam periods. The experience I had in a hall was priceless and I would encourage future exchange students to opt for hall accommodation if you want to mingle with the locals and gain a college life experience.

Hong Kong is truly a city that never sleeps. From morning till night, there’s always something to do. If we worked till the wee hours in the morning and started craving food, there is always the 3am morning dim sum stores near campus. Night life in Lan Kwai Fong was also interesting to see. Moving around Hong Kong was relatively easy. Their transportation system was efficient and directions were easy to follow.

Throughout my exchange, I made many amazing friends and travelled most parts of Hong Kong and around China. This exchange experience has opened my eyes to a new reality; the many faces of life and cultures. It is truly an amazing experience and I would never forget all the great things I’ve gone through!

Five Top Tips:
1.    Sign up for the buddy program at HKU. It’s always good to have someone familiar with the place to pick you up from the airport and guide you through the busy city to your accommodation. Needless to say, also someone to help carry the luggage!
2.    The map of the HKU campus may appear 2D on paper, but it's really 3D in reality! Buildings that appear next to each other on the map may in fact be one level above!
3.    There are many reasonably priced food stores surrounding the campus. Do ask for the Lunch menus as they are usually more appealing with affordable prices.
4.    There’s always a street that sells similar stuff. In other words, there are streets that sell shoes, electrical appliances, flowers etc. There is also a street that sells gold fish! So, you won’t need to run all over the place to compare prices. They are all there!
5.    Starbucks on campus is really cheap as uni students get 30% off the original price. A good place to go to for your daily coffee fix!

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