UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts/Scoial Sciences

Me in the streets of Cusco - PeruFor every reason you can think of not to go on exchange to Chile, I can give you 5 reasons why you should. As an avid Spanish language learner I chose Chile for a completely unique experience in an undiscovered part of the world (well undiscovered for me, anyway!). Doing my exchange in Chile gave me the chance to visit numerous South and Central American countries all of which astounded me with their uniqueness and individual flair of the famous Latin America passion. I experienced an 8.8 earthquake (and numerous aftershocks) just a few weeks after my arrival and saw a country transform to assist those worst affected by the disaster. Universidad Catolica also offered many opportunities to assist in building houses in the worst hit areas of Chile, a truly eye opening experience.

The academic part of my exchange was fairly challenging in that I definitely underestimated the difficulty of taking courses in a foreign language having only previously studied 4 language courses over 2 years back in Australia. My language improved significantly but certainly never reached an academic level and this is something I will continue to work at upon my return to Australia. Chileans also speak a very rapid and unique style of Spanish which can make things painfully challenging at times.Atacama Desert - Chile

Chile and South America are amazing places to visit for those not afraid of an adventure physically and a completely unique cultural experience. I had previously travelled in many parts of the world but Latin America is a whole completely different kettle of fish! You will be amazed at what you find in this amazingly historical, naturally rich and heatedly passionate region of the world!

My tips for Chile:
1. Drink a Terremoto at La Piojera, but only one... or maybe two, but no more! I’m warning you!
2. Climb Cerro San Cristobal on a clear day after the rain for an amazing view of Santiago surrounded by the Andes.
3. Visit the Atacama Desert and watch an amazing sunset at Valle de la Luna, even better, do it at full moon.
4. When booking flights around the continent check the price on the return flight even if you want to go just one way, it’s cheaper 90% of the time.
5. Get to as many countries in South America as you possibly can and experience the uniqueness of each and every one for yourself.

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