Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce, 6th year
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce, 6th year

Academic ExperienceKongens Have, Copenhagen

The two courses I completed whilst on exchange were:
- The Law of Private Equity
- International Commercial Contracts

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

The great thing about the University of Copenhagen was that it allowed me to choose law subjects that were more commercially-oriented than those available at UQ. Private Equity law in particular was really interesting, practical and well taught, however both subjects were useful as they were not taught purely within the context of Danish law. Both subjects had an international approach that meant that the principles can be applied wherever I practice law in the future.

Amalienborg, Copenhagen

Personal Experience

My exchange was some of the best months of my life. I saw some incredible places and made some really great friends from all over the world. Plus it gives you a chance to learn a lot about yourself.


I lived in a college off-campus. It was a great individual apartment with my own kitchen and bathroom, just 15 minutes bike ride from the city and my classes. There are plenty of accommodation options in Copenhagen, it really just depends on your budget and the kind of atmosphere you want. It's important to book as early as possible.


Copenhagen is quite an expensive European city to live in - a cappuccino is $5-7 AUD and a meal at a cafe can be $20-30 AUD. But you can get a second-hand bike for $100-200 AUD and it's a really cheap and easy way to get around the city for your semester. Most things are within cycling distance. Accommodation in Copenhagen, as well as most day-to-day things, is probably comparable to or maybe slightly more expensive than Australian cities. Groceries and some really good kebabs were an inexpensive and great way to get by.

Professional Development & Employability

You meet so many people and have so many things that you want to do when in a different part of the world that it's hard not to become a more well-rounded individual and become more organised.


The highlight for me was making some great friends who were not only great people, but whom also enjoyed indulging in a 2am chicken kebab as much as I did. I also developed a strange infatuation for Norwegian fjords, 17th Century European classical art...and chicken kebabs. Watching Australia play England at Twickenham was unforgettable as well. PS Belgian beers are awesome.

Top Tips

DO IT! You won't regret it.

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