UQ has agreements with 200+ universities in 41 countries around the world, so why not combine study and travel, discover a new culture, and establish a worldwide network of friends?

UQ Abroad nominates eligible students to study at partner universities around the world. While on exchange, you remain enrolled at UQ and continue to pay tuition fees to UQ or defer your HECS-HELP payments. No additional tuition fees are paid to the host university.

You can study overseas for either one semester or a full year (at selected partners). Depending on your field of study, you may be able to undertake multiple exchanges with different exchange partners over the course of your degree program.

You are required to be enrolled in a full time standard load (#8 units) while on exchange and must be able to receive credit for the courses you plan to take on exchange. Your faculty will approve your study plan as part of the application process.

The grades you receive while on exchange do not count towards your GPA for your UQ degree. If you successfully pass all of your pre-approved courses at the host university, you should receive credit towards your UQ degree. On completion of your exchange, you will receive a transcript from the host university to enable credit transfer towards your UQ degree.

WATCH the UQ Abroad information sessions HERE

There are many benefits of going on exchange, and by participating in the UQ Abroad program you will be able to:

  • Become more independent, challenge yourself and explore the world
  • Broaden your degree and enrol in courses which are not offered at UQ
  • Discover new career opportunities and enhance your employability
  • Make new friends from all around the world
  • Live in another culture and improve your foreign language skills

UQ Abroad application deadlines are:

  • 31 May (11:59pm) for exchange in UQ's Semester 1 of the following year
  • 31 October (11:59pm) for exchange in UQ's Semester 2 of the following year

Late applications will not be accepted.





Host University: The partner institution where you will be studying on exchange.

Standard Full-Time Load: The equivalent of 8 units (#8) study at UQ per semester. For further information about the full-time load equivalent for partner institutions visit the Choose a University page.

Study Abroad or Free Mover: UQ students are able to study at a university that is not listed as one of UQ’s partner universities as a Study Abroad Student or Free Mover. In this scenario, you would need to organise your own global experience without the assistance of UQ Abroad, including application and enrolment in the host university, and you would need to pay tuition to that university rather than to UQ. While you can apply for credit for the courses completed at the host university, you would need to seek course approval directly from your faculty. As you would not be enrolled at UQ, you would not be eligible to receive Centrelink payments and would not be covered by UQ's travel and health insurance.

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