Host university transcript

At the end of your exchange, most partner institutions will automatically send UQ Abroad your academic transcript listing the courses you have taken and the grades you have received.

You will be notified when your transcript arrives and will be able to collect it from the UQ Abroad office.

Some partner universities expect you to order your transcript yourself. Please confirm whether you need to request a copy of your transcript before you leave your host university. If you receive your transcript directly from the host university, please bring it in to UQ Abroad so a copy can be made to send to your faculty for credit transfer.

It is important to keep your original transcript in case you need to provide proof of your overseas study when applying for future study, scholarships or employment.

Credit Transfer

Please check mySI-net to ensure that your credit has been transferred. If you have any questions about your credit transfer, please contact your faculty.

If you would like to receive credit for courses that had not been pre-approved by your faculty, you may need to provide:

  • a copy of any correspondence between you and your school or faculty regarding approval of courses.
  • copies of the syllabi, reading list and assessment (as well as any assignments and exams) for the courses you have taken.

Please note: The grades you receive on exchange are not transferred and your grade point average (GPA) in your current program will remain unchanged after credit transfer. Please contact your faculty if you are concerned about how your exchange will affect applying for Honours or future graduate study.

Studying overseas in your final semester is likely to delay your graduation as your host university transcript may not be received by the end of your expected semester of graduation at UQ. Information about graduation can be found on the UQ Graduations website.

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