Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration

Academic experiences

I took four courses at ESSEC when I was on exchange.
They were:

  • Principles of Finance
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • International Strategy

I really enjoyed the Supply Chain and International Strategy courses as they are very practical.
The feedback from the professors in the courses is close to what it would be if we were presenting to the actual company.

Moreover, the Supply Chain course gave me a chance to see what the Louis Vuitton supply chain looks like and it was eye-opening.

Visiting LV warehouse

Personal experiences

I met lots of people from different countries, especially Argentina.
I have never met people from Latin America before so it is a new experience for me to communicate with them and learn their culture.
I also had a chance to travel Europe, especially Eastern Europe.
The region is full of culture and the countries are so different from Western Europe.
I also feel more confident in presenting to the broad audience and voicing my opinion in this exchange.


The residence where I lived was off-campus.
It was 25 minutes walk away from the university.
Rent and transportation were quite expensive in Paris so I decided to live in the residence that ESSEC offered me.


Rent and transportation can be very expensive.
Navigo card really helps if living in Paris.
My monthly budget is around EUR1200 per month.

Academic development and employability

I definitely feel more comfortable in presenting and know the business environment more after the exchange.


Designing a new supply chain model and presenting to the actual Louis Vuitton Director and managers was challenging.

Top tips

Just do it and enjoy whatever comes to you.

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