Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science, 3rd year
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science, 3rd year

Academic Experiences 

3 Erasmus Culture Courses (4 ECTS each), 1 Political Science course (Introduction to Studies in Roma/Gypsy populations), 3 Psychology Courses (2 electives, 1"Stress in Social Context" - equivalent to PSYC2040).
My exchange subjects were very poorly organised, I was very unimpressed with JLU for not communicating subject changes. The information online was very hard to comprehend and so I had to take three courses at the end of the semester (to fulfil the 30 ECTS), which was very stressful indeed. Also when I arrived I thought that a subject would be in English, instead it had changed and was in German, so I had to take it and I just passed.
I gained an insight into how UQ conducted things, by understanding a different academic system. The challenges included understanding how assignments were conducted as well as a different grading system.

Personal Experiences

I gained so much from the experience, even though I had travelled at length abroad before. I met so many incredible people, and they are always make an experience for me, always. I spent so much time being social, and I don't regret it one bit. I said yes to everything, got very little sleep in comparison and did so much! I travelled a decent amount, although my time in Giessen was so short so I wanted to find a balance between time there and in other parts of Germany.
I learned to be less judgemental about people, because I often made incorrect first impressions, and I exerted my "social self" and really made some amazing friends who I will cherish forever.


Off-campus - all accommodation is off-campus. I lived in a dorm - 12 students per floor sharing two toilets and two showers and one kitchen/dining room. IF you had people that you got along with, it was great, and if they were clean, even better. I had a fantastic time with my roommates - they became my closest friends. I was also very fortunate in that all of them were German except for one, so I got an "authentic experience" in that way.
It's all about who you get, you can't predict it. JLU Giessen makes it VERY difficult for you to change rooms, so it's either you accept the dorm room you're given or just get an apartment elsewhere in Giessen.


I spent about 11, 000 AUD for five and a half months - I spent seven weeks travelling in seven countries and eleven cities before starting my exchange for three and a half months (very short!) During my three and a half month exchange I was very occupied with visiting some other cities such as Berlin - which added up too!

Academic development and employability

I became better adjustable to different cultures in a university environment, and I believe that I can cope better with situations I have no control over - such as a foreign bureaucracy. There were a few diverse assessment pieces, which I dealt with appropriately despite the differences between JLU and UQ.


Making the best friends in my dorm, and having the best time with them. Seeing so many incredible places across Europe, stretched far and wide.

Top Tips

Always underestimate your budget, you will spend more money than you expect. See as much as you can in your host country - you can travel to many places and live for cheap. Be as social as you can, you will meet some incredible people!

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