Bachelor of Law/Arts, 6th year
Bachelor of Law/Arts, 6th year

Academic experiences

I studied Media Law, Great Trials of Western Legal History and Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes at the University of Copenhagen - these went towards my Law degree at UQ.
While the lectures were longer I really enjoyed the way that the classes were a lot smaller and more interactive as they were conducted in a seminar style.
They also only had one piece of assessment which I found a lot easier than UQ assessment.
Given the class size, a lot of the lecturers encouraged group work including one teacher who allocated 4 people every week to make sweet surprises (i.e. cakes for the class) this encouraged a really good atmosphere and I ended up meeting a lot of Danish people from them.
It was difficult because the assessment was sometimes an oral exam which was a format I had never been examined in but from talking to other local Danes and international students as well as watching an example in class in one of the lectures I found it a very enjoyable format and did quite well.

Denmark Hipster- this is me with Bumbag, all black, joggers - typical danish wear 

Personal experiences

I learnt so much - even though being older and having previously moved out I learnt a lot about myself.
I learnt how to be more independent, when I travel now if I want to do something, I will often just do it even if no one else wants to and then try and make later plans.
I learnt that it’s never too late to catch up with people and that even though you may feel only a slight connection to someone else, they will more than often be willing to help you out if you need it.
For example, I met a couple of Danish people 2 days previously and ended up joining their campsite for Roskilde - a 9 day festival that is meant to be the fourth best in the world.
Usually I would be too intimidated/scared of rejection to make this opportunity happen.
I would say it was too hard so I have grown a lot.

Hanging in Bisp Kollegiet


I lived at Bispebjerg Kollegiet - which is student accommodation but separate from the University.
It was a mix of international and Danish students.
The facilities were not that nice but I could ride to and from the accommodation which was amazing.
It was also studio apartments so very much isolating but I was really lucky - I did an introduction to Danish course and met 10 beautiful international students who were the most incredible people and by sitting in the common room we also met a lot of Danish students who lived in our Kollegiet.
In the end we had the best accommodation situation ever.
Advice to give to others would be make the effort - knock on your neighbour’s door and sit in the common room - also offering people cakes and saying hey to everyone you see in the lifts, in the hallways is so appreciated.

Roskilde Festival - biggest festival in Denmark and Scandanavia


It was pretty expensive in Denmark - I think we paid about 5000 a semester for accommodation which was quite expensive, food was the same as Australia but alcohol is cheaper which was a bonus.
We didn’t really eat out much because it was expensive.
We also didn’t have to pay for transport - seriously, just buy a bike - it is so great.
$150 will set you up for the semester for your bike and you can sell it afterwards!

Academic development and employability

I think that it has made me more adaptable and feel like eventually things will work out.
I don't know if I would recommend exchanging in your final year because you miss out on a few grad opportunities available at the start of the year.
However, exchanging at this point in my career has definitely made me more resilient.

Cherry Blossoms in Denmark Cemetery


I think going to Roskilde with my Danish friends - I literally met a previous UQ student 2 days before and some Danes, volunteered to work in a bakery, bought my tent, clothes and packed and reorganised my travel plans within 2 days.
I had the best time ever and listened to great music, got into the camp spirit and made a lot of friends.
It was the best reward for being spontaneous, risky and adaptable I could've asked for.


Top tips

Say yes, build connections and invest in anyone you meet - inviting them over or down to the common room for a French press coffee or going for a walk is such a great way to meet people.
I made friends with some UQ people who helped me with the preparation for UQ which was awesome but I mainly made friends with international people and I was so rewarded.
I also found the pre-semester language course helpful but the Law orientation at KU is quite good so don't feel like you need to do it to make friends - It just helped me make a lot more :)

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